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Known in Japan as Onahole or onaho, these male masturbators have now spread across the globe. Toys like these are highly sought after in Japan’s adult sex toy industry, and you will find them in a wide array of styles to satisfy everyone’s preferences.
Our onahole selection at Wicked Sex Toys consists mainly of Japanese brands, which is no surprise. Japan continues to be one of the world’s top manufacturers of excellent onaholes. There are numerous reasons for this. In the past, women were forbidden from having sexual relations on account of their supposed purity. In contrast, sexual desire was considered a natural bodily function for men. Every man has the ability to gratify himself with his hand, but they wondered, “Is there a better way?” Thus, the onahole was born.

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Whether it’s a huge onahip or a small one, we offer it all. Visit Wicked Sex Toys for more information on these male toys, along with what they are capable of.

Onahole: Adult male masturbator toys

An onahole, also known as a pocket pussy, is a love toy that provides maximum pleasure for men. Although they may look realistic, with creases and folds that look like real pussies, should they end there? Onaholes will provide you with the most incredible pleasure you’ve ever experienced.

Dont be afraid to be told what works and what does not. Dont feel that your masculinity is being threatened if your partners giving you some direction.

Over the years, Japanese onahole designs have become more sophisticated, have created new materials, and have taken on new forms. The industry is still developing new concepts, including fine ridges, g-spots, or combining materials in new ways. A Japanese onahole is also among the toughest due to its quality-driven approach to manufacturing.

Several other countries have followed suit, but Japan still has the most established market leaders.

Why Use An Onahole?

In a nutshell, it’s awesome. Everyone can find an onahole sex toy that meets their needs. With this device, you’ll get a sensory experience you’ll never be able to get with your fingers, from a truly realistic vagina to a completely unexpected sensation.

Onaholes that work well will bring a great deal of pleasure and make you squeal with delight.

Here are some reasons why male masturbation is beneficial:

  • Having fun while masturbating is good for your health. It boosts your prostate health and trains your blood circulation!
  • The sex exploration begins! Get to know your preferences and enjoy your orgasms more
  • Stress can be relieved with orgasms. There is scientific evidence that it lowers stress, and you don’t feel the pressure of sexual activity.
  • Train your body to feel multiple, intense orgasms, these onaholes are perfect for this!
  • Boost your sexual performance with these fun products that are great for practising or enhancing

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Basic Onahole Options

Pocket pussies

This collection contains all the smaller sex toys for men, weighing not more than 700 grams each. Due to their small size, they are easy to carry and use.

Large onaholes

Because of their larger size, the larger sex toys have a more realistic feel, with enhanced features like multi-layer construction or multiple openings.


This is the right section for you if you’re looking for adult toys that are realistic! There are toys that mimic the shape of a female hip or bum, heck, all the way down to its tippy shape.

Remember: Sex isnt just an activity—its an idea.

Adult blow-job toys

Its unique nature deserves to be classified separately, as oral sex differs from actual sex in numerous ways. On the lookout for an onahole with gorgeous lips and a strong, seductive mouth? You’ve found the right place.

Tit adult toys

You can give them any kind of treatment you please, and they will not complain about it.

I think only half of life satisfaction is found by achieving what you believe you want; the other half comes from appreciating what you have already achieved.”

Masturbation cups

Because of its robust exterior, this device not only looks good and is portable, it also has good suction power.

Onahole Masturbators FAQs

Which Japanese onahole are the most suitable for you?

Purchasing a men’s sex toy requires you to decide ahead of time what features you prefer. Sizes or weights might be of concern. Men want different kinds of pusses; some desire a tiny, tight pussy, while others crave a deep, large pussy.

The experiences you want to have should also come into play. The tunnels can vary in size, and some onaholes generate a greater amount of suction compared to others. There are also two-layered tunnels. An extra layer on the inside stimulates the senses more than a smooth outside.

Artificial vaginal devices with motors are commonly known as sexual stimulators. These toys even come with interchangeable inserts, giving you the choice between oral, anal and vaginal pleasures!


How should one prepare to use onahole?

Don’t forget to apply lubricant to the hole of your onahole before getting started. The use of lubricant will ensure smooth movement of your toy regardless of whether it has an outlet. Having your onahole at the perfect temperature can be achieved with a USB-powered sex toy heater.

What is the proper method for cleaning an onahole?

It is relatively simple to clean an onahole, but be diligent about it as it must be cleaned after each use.

It’s essential that you learn how to clean an onahole effectively, and be sure to do so every time you use one; failing to do so puts your health at stake and leaves you susceptible to infections and medical complications.